SKY - Curated Asian Dining

Welcome to the most interesting room in town. Perched on the 20th floor of The Residency Towers, Chennai, SKY presents a spectacular view of the city and a peek of Bay of Bengal.

Here, you don’t just choose items from the menu. You pick a story. The menu brings together curated narratives of different Asian cultures. And as you course the meal, you will journey through various lands and their richness.

Time melts here. From noon to dusk to dark, the hues of the sky set your mealtime, not the clock. The open ambience allows a free-flowing conversation.

Revel in contemporary elegance as we offer a modern spin to traditional recipes from Asia.



A waterbody overlooking the city and a see-through Oriental Kitchen, Aqua Terrace is located on the West side of the SKY.


Dome at SKY offers a regal and exceptional dining space. The high ceiling, unique interiors, and lounge bar are ideal for a tete-a-tete or celebrating an occasion.




Spectacular sea views during the day and the starlit sky at night make Seaside Terrace. For those who love Japanese, there is Teppanyaki station.