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13 Jul 2018

South Indian Cuisine - A plethora of flavours - and how it has captured our hearts

If you’re from anywhere in India, eating delicious food would be one of life’s true pleasures for you. And having delectable food with loving friends and cherished family, a done thing which is a part of your everyday life.  And having scrumptious food on a holiday? Without the rigmarole of everyday life, there is truly no experience that comes close to this life-affirming experience.

The experience of having a meal in South India is truly is an adventure in itself. For breakfast, you have the wide varieties of idlis and dosas, with the delicious combination of chutneys and sambhar that of course have to accompany them. Deep fried vadas with little bits of coconut and ginger and pepper that add just the element of flavouring with the crunch. And then you have puttu or steamed rice cakes that you can eat with just about anything at all.


South Indian Cuisine - A plethora of flavours - and how it has captured our hearts


And the joy of a complete South Indian meal laid out for you on a banana leaf, if I could count the number of times I have wished to go back in time and savour the true flavours of South India, cooked to perfection over charcoal stoves back in my grandmother’s village. I think back of all the times I’ve said no to my grandmothers delicious payasam because there was just no place in my stomach for any more, and wish we could figure out a way to compartmentalize our stomachs!


Digression aside, contrary to popular belief, there is so much more to South Indian cuisine than just the regular idli and dosas, layers that even the true-blue South Indian might be unaware of.  There is your spicy Andhra and Telangana cuisine that would truly drive your taste buds into a frenzy - with their traditional tomato and lentils lentils gravy or tamata pappu cooked to perfection and there is the Goundar cuisine and the Chettiar cuisine from Tamil Nadu,  with the delectable different kinds of rasams and the sambhars that has layers of coconut weaved into them with superb expertise. .


The culinary adventure that that began with the The Residency in Chennai in 1991 has now grown to encompass a collection of hotels and restaurants across South India ­­– each of them worthy of the same iconic status.  Experience the true flavours of Southern India in an authentic, traditional ambience, at the Southern Aroma where the tiled ceiling emanates a feel of the times of ‘yore.


From Chennai to Coimbatore, Pondicherry and Karur, The Residency Group strives to place guests precisely where they can live life to its fullest and experience the delectable cuisine of each location. The result that we hope for, is a home away from home, capable of being measured only in personal adventures and authentic experiences – just like it should be. So come along, and taste some of our authentically cooked South Indian delicacies   You can experience traditional southern fare that will truly tickle your taste buds and leave you longing for more  at Southern Aromas, The Residency Towers - a lovely restaurant that dishes up the choicest dishes from the south of the country.

For more information or reservations, contact us at restowers@theresidency.com or please visit - https://www.theresidency.com 

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