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13 Jul 2018

Karur - The home textile city of South India

When I think back of vacations we used to take when we were growing up, the absolutely best part of them were the lovely train journeys that we used to take. The vacations, for me at least used to start right at the railway station gate. The smell of freshly brewed coffee, and the hot onion samosas from the vendors, the loads of books I used to blackmail my mother into buying - because what journey is complete without a book?

Although I’ve taken umpteen vacations since I’ve grown up, I still miss the chugging of the train, the smell of the coals burning, and the constant fights for the window seat with my brother. There is something terribly nostalgic about a train journey, that no other type of journey would ever be able to replace.

If you’re planning your next vacation sometime soon, you should definitely try some place that is accessible by train and get to experience your childhood once again and relive all those memories too. If you’re in Tamil Nadu, Karur should be on top of your go-to lists, if you haven’t been already. Karur railway station is located right in the heart of town and is quite well connected to the rest of Tamil Nadu. Regular buses also ply to the town from various parts of the state.


Karur - The temple town of South India


Karur History :
Karur has become quite the go to destination these days, because it suits all types of travellers, whether you are a couple, or a travelling with kids and family, it has something to offer for everyone.

Karur, a picturesque quaint town, located on the banks of Amaravati, is the head of Karur district. Karur is aptly called the home textile city. Apart from being the home of the manufacturers of world-class table linens, Karur is also famous all around the world for its beautiful and sacred ancient temples. Karur town has one of the famous seven sacred Shivalayams and is visited from tourists from India and all over for them. The most famous of all is the Pasupathisvaralingam Temple, which is home to a lingam almost five feet tall!


If you’re visiting Karur, you definitely should go to the Aathupalayam Dam and the Mayanur Barrage, both visually striking bodies of water, that will leave you spellbound.

The Karur Government Museum is also another popular tourist attraction, that you must see. If you’re a devout person, the best time to visit Karur would be during festivals like Pongal, Tamil New Year or Vaikunta Ekadasi, where you can see the whole city alight with with so much pomp and glory, that it will leave you in awe.

Travelling To Karur :
If you’re not able to take the train to Karur, the closest domestic airports that are near Karur are at Coimbatore and Trichy. You also have regular buses that ply to the Karur from various parts of the state.

Karur Weather :
Karur has a semi tropical climate, so the summers of Karur are relatively hot while winters are very mild and quite pleasant. Karur gets a moderate amount of rainfall during monsoon, so the best time to visit this beautiful city would be anywhere from October through March.

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