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04 Jan 2022

Things to Do In and Around the Tamil Quarter in Pondicherry

The holiday season is here, which means it is time to pack your bags and head to the destination of your dreams. Has the beach bum in you heard the clarion call of the French Capital of India, Pondicherry?

Located on the east coast of India, Pondicherry welcomes you with its clear waters, pristine beaches, white sand, heritage structures, ancient temples, churches, and a lot more.

If all that sounds a little too familiar, you might be surprised to learn about the Tamil Quarter. This little explored part of Pondicherry, is a gem for offbeat travelers and heritage lovers.

Come, let us help you plan your itinerary around the Tamil Quarter.

Have you heard about the Tamil Quarter?

You will be stunned to know that Pondicherry has a flavour beside the famous French influence and colonial themes. Separated in two halves by The Grand Canal, the “other half” is what is known as the Tamil Quarter.

The Tamil Quarter is that section of Pondicherry, which is high on Tamil architecture. Wall-to-wall houses and tiny interactive streets speak volumes of the influence of the traditional lifestyle and culture of Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Quarter Walking Tour:

Hosted by different travel groups, each walking tour is about 2 to 3 hours long, and cost INR 700 on average.

Your first steps on this heavenly land will lead you to the vibrant and noisy streets packed with houses that are over a hundred years old. Additionally, your love for good food will be satiated by the authentic Tamil eateries that form part of this town.

As you walk past these streets, be sure to check out these legendary spots, which were once part of award-winning films.

Vysial Street: You can explore Franco-Tamil architecture, which forms part of the stone temples situated on Vysial Street. The decorative art sitting on the walls of these temples is indeed click-worthy. Do not miss the opportunity to bump into locals and catch a quick glimpse of their local experiences.

Bharathiyar Memorial Museum cum Research Centre: Your Pondicherry trip will remain incomplete if you fail to visit this museum, which was once the abode of Mahakavi Bharathiyar. The museum is open between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm. This museum has a rich collection of manuscripts, hand-witten letters, family photos, and books.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral: One of Pondicherry’s important churches is located in the Tamil Quarter. Inspired by Portuguese design, this cathedral reminds you of structures you would otherwise see in Macau.

Grand Bazaar: Popularly known as the Goubert Market, colorful veggies, fruits, and flowers are the face of this market. Many people call this market a photographer's paradise.

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If you have been overlooking Pondicherry because you seek more than just beaches and majestic structures, then the Tamil Quarter has got you covered.

Come with an open heart and go back with a cascade of the finest memories.

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