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22 Oct 2021

What makes a luxury hotel?

Is it the magnificent interiors that greet you when you arrive, service that tends to your every whim, or an assortment of chocolates on your pillow before bed?

At The Residency Towers Puducherry, we believe it's about elevating every part of your vacation, whether you like more laid-back holidays, or a fast-paced exploration of the city on your short stay. As the winners of the Global Tourism Awards as ‘Pondicherry’s Best Luxury Lifestyle Hotel’, we take immense pride in giving our guests the unmatched Residency experience.

Personalised Service


The moment you book your stay with us, we get to work on tailoring the perfect vacation. Your dedicated Leisure Host creates an itinerary based on your likes, interests and availability. If you’re in Pondicherry for the beaches, we highly recommend trying your hand at water sports. Our Leisure Hosts know the perfect spots for surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, and more. Or if you’re more curious about Pondy's rich history, we have a list of fantastic museums you shouldn’t miss. And personalisation extends beyond just your itinerary. Our team also takes an active interest in what your favourite dishes are and exactly how you like your room, so each visit feels like coming back home. Every room also comes equipped with a DigiValet tab, on which a profile is created for each guest, so your preferred room temperature, food allergies and preferences, and more can be saved for your next visit.

Smart Rooms


What's a luxury vacation without a hotel brimming with the latest technology? At The Residency Towers Puducherry, technology simplifies everything down to the micro-interactions within the hotel, for a truly elevated experience for the duration of your stay. This starts from the time of your contactless check-in, and continues in-room with full automation. When you stay with us, your in-room DigiValet tab acts as your command centre to everything from your lighting, to Netflix, and even room service. Simply push a button or two to set the mood and put on your favourite show. Perhaps send in a request for some champagne and strawberries to really up the luxe factor and voila! Just like that, you’ve the perfect vibe for an evening in.

Gourmet Food


What makes something 'gourmet'? At The Residency Towers Puducherry, it is the highest quality ingredients prepared with utmost care, especially for you. Our talented chefs are passionate about providing a splendid culinary experience with every bite, and our many returning guests can attest to the fact that we aim to delight your palate every time. Our chefs take inspiration from global cuisines and give it the perfect twist for something uniquely Resi. Come try our Oriental-inspired Peppercorn Chicken Bao Buns. Or, how about a smooth and creamy Italian Panna Cotta infused with Rosemary and Mango, and served with a berry compote?



Traveling doesn’t mean you have to give up your daily luxuries. When you stay with us, you get to enjoy soothing spa treatments, access to a gym for those morning workouts, and a stunning swimming pool to wind down after a day out. At Respa, we use only natural ingredients to care for your skin the way that it deserves, and offer a range of massages, facials, and more to help you slow down and prioritise yourself. In-room guests can also access our gym, equipped with the best to help you get the most out of every session. We don't usually play favourites, but if we could choose anywhere to spend most of the day, it would be by our indoor swimming pool. Sheltered from the sweltering heat while still providing the joy of summer vacations, you can swim all day any time of year, or perhaps lounge with a cocktail in hand, without worrying about getting a tan.



While awards are not the only determining factor when picking a luxury hotel, they certainly don't hurt. And the journey to being declared No. 1 certainly challenges even the best hotels. Team Residency Puducherry has been the proud recipient of several honours such as TripAdvisor's Travellers Choice Award 2021, Vasco's People's Choice Award 2021, and the Global Tourism Award. Aside from the honour of being chosen by our guests, what makes this a luxury property are the categories we have bagged. We have won Vasco's Award in the 'Excellence in Grandeur and Magnificence' category, and the Global Tourism Award as 'Pondicherry's Best Luxury Lifestyle Hotel'. If that's not enough to convince you that we know how to offer the #LuxuryOfExperience, we don't know what will!

So come on, book your trip, and allow us to give you a taste of the high life.

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