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01 Jul 2021

The Heart of Our House : Where Team Residency Unwinds

Unbeatable service starts with a happy and confident staff. And while a day in the life of a hotel employee is always exciting, they deserve a space dedicated to their needs. A space they can truly feel at home in, and find some peace of mind during a hectic day. At The Residency Towers Chennai, this space is our 'Back of House' or 'BOH'. We’ve upgraded this area to be more than just functional, keeping employee wellbeing in focus. Let's take a stroll through our newly renovated BOH and see what makes it quite so special.

(1) Lockers in the lounge area for associates to store their belongings (2) Exercise equipment to stay in shape between shifts

Real hospitality starts at home

Our primary objective with the BOH is to provide convenience and comfort to our associates from the minute they get to work. There’s no fumbling with keys or cards at the door since access is granted through a contactless, face ID scanner. Disinfection follows at the sanitizing station, and off to the staff lounge they go!

We hope this space gets them excited about the day ahead, as they take some much-deserved ‘me’ time. After all, hospitality by its very definition means looking after other people, but that also means it is just as important for the staff to take care of themselves. The staff lounge is well-equipped with mobile charging units, lockers, shoe polish facilities, top-of-the-line exercise equipment, and grooming stations for all genders, so they can pop in for anything they might need during the day. And, to recharge their batteries, we have created a quiet cocoon of relaxation with comfortable beds for rest – cozy, quiet and like a warm hug during a buzzing day. Since we’re part of an industry that keeps us on our feet for most of the day, the staff lounge is an oasis for employees to experience a slice of the hospitality they too deserve.

Joy walks the halls of our BOH

Even the experience of walking down the halls of our BOH has been carefully designed to promote joy. When you’re hurtling down corridors trying to make sure you meet your guests’ every need in a timely fashion, why not have a hallway that makes you feel great? As a result, great decor and simple touches, like fresh plants along the corridors and opulent feel-good lighting, bring the space to life. There are also several boards that showcase the efforts of various departments, and make opportunities for learning available to all. We absolutely love seeing our team dip their toes in all aspects of the world of hospitality, and work together to upskill on a daily basis.

(1) Contactless face ID scanner for entry (2) The beloved 'Whistle Podu' wall

We celebrate the wins!

Speaking of feeling good, we can't miss the Hospitality with Heart Wall at the entrance to the cafeteria. Fondly called the 'Whistle Podu' Wall, employee successes are front and centre. This is in the form of positive guest reviews, awards won by the team, and other staff achievements that deserve a shoutout. The feeling of receiving a "congrats" or "great job" from colleagues during a regular workday is irreplaceable, and we have seen a massive boost in employee morale since we began celebrating daily successes in a more tangible way. Kudos to our team that gives us something to celebrate every day!

Not your average cafeteria

Our cafeteria is one-of-a-kind, and that’s a Residency guarantee! The Fun Company or TFC is less cafeteria and more café, with exciting interiors, a delicious and nutritious array of food from around the world, and top-notch equipment. But why 'The Fun Company' and not 'Resi-something'? Well, Rakesh Parameswaran, the General Manager, was particular that the café should feel like more than just a break at work. He says, "Stepping into TFC should feel like you've walked across the street, away from your place of work, to unwind with friends and bond over good food." And the delicious aromas wafting out of the kitchen hint at food that’s more than just good! Employees may opt for delicious comfort food that reminds them of home-cooked meals, while others can choose from our wide range of global masterpieces. This wouldn’t be possible without our brilliant chefs who put their soul into every meal they create.

And while for most people, a break at the cafeteria means time off from the monotony of their jobs, nothing about the hospitality industry is routine. TFC functions more as a space for our associates to ground themselves, find moments of quiet or laughter, where they can put themselves in a pleasant headspace before they step out and serve once more. And the vibrant comic-themed walls are fantastic conversation starters, and certainly, make every meal or tea break a ‘dine out’ experience to remember.

The Fun Company – the perfect place to kick back with colleagues!

We are extremely grateful to our associates for going the extra mile every day to give our guests a fabulous experience. We are thrilled to be able to give them a space to call their own. Our Back of House really is the heart of our house!

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