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13 Jul 2018

How to take care of your fitness regime even when on vacation

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s been travelling, sorting out the direction of your firm, or a frequent traveller for fun, or someone who goes on just family vacations once in a while, there is one thing that we tend to forget but feel super guilty on, when on vacation - fitness, or the lack of it, so to speak! But don’t worry, there are some things you actually can do to keep your fitness regime going and stay on top of your fitness goals, even when you’re away from home.


How to take care of your fitness regime even when on vacation


Here are some tips to help you :

Choose a hotel that has at least a basic gym or a health club when booking
To help keep up with your fitness regime, try to have access to have a basic gym or a health club and spa where you can recondition and rejuvenate your body. Go for a soul-cleansing sauna, it does wonders for the body too. Or pump it up whenever you can, start the day with a rigorous workout before heading for that meeting or that walk around town - you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world, then. If your hotel has a swimming pool, nothing better - a few laps can do as much help as an hour pumping out the iron in the gym, anyway.

Keep a track of what you are eating - speak to your hotel staff about your preferences
You can’t help but indulge on a vacations, or travelling for work - we completely understand but it would really help to not completely let go. Speak to your hotel staff about a healthy breakfast preference and talk about and dietary preferences you might have. Most hotel staff are always understanding of their customers’ needs and would likely find the healthier options in their menu for you.

Take advantage of the hotel stairs, go for short walks after dinner
There are small things you could do that could make a load of a difference - instead of taking the lift, use the stairs when you go back to your room, You could also do short sight-seeing walks after dinner to walk off that dessert you might have indulged in too.
Finally, remember not to stress yourself out, too much either. Enjoy your time when you’re travelling and don’t worry if you have skipped a day or two - it is so much better than taking no effort at all.

At the Residency Chennai, we understand how important working out is amidst the hustle bustle of corporate life and business travel. This is why The Residency Fitness Center at Residency Towers Chennai offers you an unparalleled choice of health and recreation facilities with our state-of-the-art health club.
You also have access to our swimming pool to help you unwind or take a few lengthy laps to stay on track of your fitness. Your family and you can work up an appetite with an early morning lap or two, or relax with your favorite book or unwind after your busy day with an evening swim under the beautiful night sky.
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