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28 Nov 2020

Themed Dining Experiences at The Residency


There's nothing quite like the restaurant experience. Everyone loves the excitement of dressing up, swapping stories with loved ones, and the anticipation of a delicious meal. In the age of travel restrictions and lockdowns, a themed restaurant sweetens the deal even more! Can you think of a better way to escape into a whole new world in your very own city?

What is a themed restaurant?

Themed restaurants go as far back as 18th century France, when the booming restaurant scene led to new innovations to outshine the competition. By the 1890s, there were three nightclubs in Paris using the themes of death, heaven, and hell... Heavy stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Thankfully, things have taken a more fun turn over the last few decades. We love a good theme, and our restaurants promise a unique and truly memorable experience.

Main Street at The Residency Towers Chennai

With interiors that resemble the streets of the world's most popular cities, Main Street is a highway where global cuisines intersect. Zebra crossings, lampposts and ritzy window displays take you from London, to Milan, to Manhattan, over the course of a leisurely brunch. Pile your plates high, because you’re going to want to stay all day.


The highway to deliciousness!, @santhosh__u


For reservations, call +91 95001 22780.

Bike & Barrel at The Residency Towers Chennai, Puducherry, & Coimbatore

Everyone loves a good English pub, but Bike & Barrel takes it to a whole new level! As the name suggests, this Bikers’ paradise has got motorcycle written all over it, beginning with an impressive bike mounted on the ceiling, and ending with statement barrel tables for that rustic biker feel. Add to that the classic wooden decor and themed cocktails and you’ve got yourself quite the experience. Kick your evenings into first gear with our Serial No. 1 secret cocktail, named after Harley Davidson’s earliest known motorcycle!


There ain’t no party like a Bike & Barrel party!

For reservations, call: Chennai - +91 95001 22780 / Puducherry - +91 78068 00087 / Coimbatore - +91 98430 71777

Chin Chin at The Residency Chennai & The Residency Towers Coimbatore

Chinese cuisine is a crowd favourite - there’s no denying it. At Chin Chin, we strive to provide the full Oriental experience! While whispers of traditional Chinese aesthetic can be seen throughout, we embrace a more modern chic look in the interiors. We’ve traded in the typical wall fans and bamboo for more subtle, but regal Chinese motifs such as intricately painted porcelain ware, and traditional Chinese paintings or ‘guohua’.


An ode to traditional Chinese decor, with a modern twist!

For reservations, call: Chennai - +91 95001 22780 / Coimbatore - +91 98430 71777

Afghan Grill at The Residency Towers Coimbatore

Barbeque restaurants have taken the country by storm with the excitement of tableside grilling, and an endless stream of perfectly barbecued eats. Afghan Grill isn’t your average barbeque, however. This poolside beauty serves up authentic North-West Frontier style, Grilled Indian and Afghani dishes, and embraces the feeling of feasting like royalty. With secret spice blends, generous servings, and lighting reminiscent of the flames themselves, this space is uber impressive!


Dinner with us ‘sparks’ the best memories!

For reservations, call +91 98430 71777

With so many worlds to explore through our outlets, we think the best time to start is right now. We’re all set to serve up some fun times! Are you ready for the ride?

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