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24 Aug 2020

A Day at Auroville


A holiday in Pondicherry is a glimpse into new worlds, and there’s none quite like Auroville. This experimental township draws travellers in from across the world for an offbeat experience, and there’s plenty to make you want to stay. Shop till you drop, gorge on artisanal food, and have your spiritual awakening, at this must-see destination. Drive down to Pondicherry, armed with our perfect itinerary for your Auroville experience.


Breakfast at Auroville Boulangerie


Start the day on a high at this famous bakery. Dine at their lovely outdoor space and enjoy your fresh-from-the-oven Auroville goodies. Sesame buns, pain au chocolat, and delectable muffins promise to delight, but their cheesecake is the standout! Made from local Auroville cheese, you’ve never had one like this before. This is the place to go for the true taste of Auroville, with every product starring local produce from the Auro farms. Remember to get here early. These treats sell out fast!


(1)The smell of fresh bread greets you at the entrance, @nikhil.dhawad (2)Breakfast or dessert? Who says you have to choose!, @henaljain


Find your zen at the Matrimandir


If you have seen pictures of Auroville, chances are you've seen the Matrimandir. Established by ‘The Mother’ of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Mandir is the heart and soul of this community. While not your typical tourist spot, the meditation hall should be on your bucket list. This experience is one you’ll never forget as the hall pulses with an undeniable spiritual energy. The community’s philosophy of peace and unity pervades every part of this space, and the structure itself is quite the sight to behold. This magnificent dome is covered with golden discs that reflect the sunlight, giving the structure the radiance it is so well-known for.


The Matrimandir aka the soul of Auroville, HH Gallery / CC BY-SA.


Take a stroll along Auroville Beach


A stroll along the beach is a must when you visit. As the breeding ground for Olive Ridley turtles a few months of the year, it is worth planning your trip between March and May to catch a glimpse of the hatchlings making their way to sea. This beach is also a great backdrop with its crystal clear waters and a picturesque view of the sunset.


Is there any sight more peaceful?


Auroville Botanical Gardens


There is never any shortage of breathtaking sights to see at Auroville’s 44 acre Botanical Garden. Keep your camera at the ready, because there are nearly 250 species of plants to snap! The nursery makes it easy for you to take home a piece of this experience.


Pick up some plant knowledge with a nature tour at Auroville Botanical Gardens.


Shop at La Boutique d’Auroville


The people of the Auro community are skilled artisans. Browse La Boutique d’Auroville for handicrafts, jewellery, organic food products, scented candles, essential oils, and more. With so much to choose from, you’ll be tempted to raid the entire store! Take home the peace of Auroville!


La Boutique d’Auroville is the place to go for locally-made goodies.


Carb load at the cafés


Did you think just one stop for food was enough? Well, think again! Auroville’s food scene is almost as well-known as its yoga and meditation retreats. Life is all about balance, so indulge in Bread & Chocolate’s famous all-butter croissants post meditation. If cheese is more your jam, head to Tanto’s Pizzeria for a slice..or fifteen.


(1)A warm croissant and some great coffee? Yes, please!, @breadandchocolate_india (2) Binge on pizza with a side of salad at Tanto Pizzeria, @wat_d_fork


Come down to Auroville for an out of this world experience! Get in touch with our Leisure Host to plan your perfect itinerary.

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