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18 Aug 2020

Add these Residency dishes to your bucket list!


We all have that one favourite dish from that one favourite restaurant we've been dreaming of since the first lockdown. With the lingering uncertainty, we've decided it's time that the mountain comes to Mohammed. Now you can eat your way through The Residency in your very own home! These Residency favourites are bound to delight as they stay in your minds long after you’ve had them.


Our dishes include the most popular food in India, and some reinvented classics from other parts of the world. Either way, once you taste these, we guarantee you’ll be asking for more!


Comfort food you wish you grew up with


The Residency Chennai's happy guests over the years stand testament to the quality food we serve. Our chefs have mastered the art of soul-warming gourmet food. The Kozhi Varutha Curry from The Right Place is the perfect example of this. Our proprietary blend of spices takes this classic South Indian chicken dish up a notch. The chicken is simmered in this peppery masala and cooked to succulent perfection.


On the other hand, if you're craving some Chinese food, order from our award-winning restaurant, Chin Chin. Our crispy Spring Rolls are great to order for a crowd, but we're certain they are perfect to enjoy on your own as well. The flavoursome vegetable filling is a good excuse to devour several in one sitting because fresh veggies equals healthy, right?


Take a look at our takeaway menu and call +91 44 2825 3434 to order!


Kozhi Varutha Curry, Spring Rolls


Flavour that speaks volumes


Main Street at The Residency Towers Chennai, is the place to go for big, bold, punchy flavours! Our Seafood Risotto is swimming with the freshest clams, prawns, squid, and seer fish. Made with Italian arborio rice for an authentic experience, we infuse this delectable dish with aromatic herbs. Trust us, once you try this you’ll be saying Mamma Mia!


For dessert, don’t miss our Chocolate Brownie. It goes without saying that chocolate makes everything better, but our take on the classic brownie makes everything spectacular! Our chocolate and walnut brownie is served warm with hot fudge sauce. Enjoyed with ice cream, the combination of hot and cold is a match made in heaven for a delightful eating experience.


Check out our takeaway menu and call +91 72990 07037 to savour these at home.


Seafood Risotto, Chocolate Brownie


Food that makes you celebrate


The Residency Towers Coimbatore is the ultimate foodie’s paradise with several restaurants specialising in a range of cuisines. Even with so many options, some dishes have always stood out as crowd favourites. If you guessed that the most popular dish in India is also our most popular one, you’d be right. Our Ambur Mutton Biryani is what biryani dreams are made of. We use the best cuts of meat for the most indulgent flavour, which explains why it always flies off the takeaway menu!


If you’d like to take a trip a little further from home, try our Malaysian Cottage Cheese. Tender cubes of cottage cheese are cooked in wonderful Southeast Asian flavours. Don’t miss out on this Chin Chin special.


Check out our takeaway menu and call 98947 21909 to make your day extra special!


Ambur Mutton Biryani, Malaysian Cottage Cheese


Fried, grilled, and everything in between


The Pavilion at The Residency Karur, has been a local favourite ever since it opened. Our Cheese Corn Tikki is a fried, spiced,cheese-stuffed mashed potato and corn tikki treat that pairs perfectly with our house made mint chutney.


But if you’re looking for something lower on the spice meter, our Methi Paneer Tikka is the best choice but still packs big flavour. Paneer cubes and fresh vegetables are coated in a flavoursome marinade, skewered, and grilled in a charcoal clay pot oven. The garnish of aromatic kasuri methi takes the flavour quotient even higher.


Call us on 9047778250 / 9047778256 to treat yourself!


Cheese Corn Tikki, Methi Paneer Tikka


Guilt-free indulgence


The Richmond’s Bistro has long been ‘the place to go’ for food in Puducherry. The classic French Coq au Vin can be enjoyed here with buttery-smooth mashed potatoes to go with it. Chicken is braised in red wine with lardons and mushrooms in this decadent dish, so come with an appetite and prepare to be blown away.


If you’d like something that makes you feel as bright and fresh as it looks, go for our Paneer & Sweet Corn Salad. Made with the freshest produce, salty olives, creamy paneer and sweet corn, this salad is the perfect marriage of flavours and textures.


Coq au Vin, Paneer & Sweet Corn Salad


A Pondy twist on some classics


Pavilion, at The Residency Towers Puducherry is already creating major buzz for good reason! Our Pondy Meen Manga Kozhambu features the freshest fish in a spicy-tangy curry with tamarind and raw mango. A ladle of this curry on white rice is enough to make all life’s problems melt away. Finish the meal with our take on the traditional Italian panna cotta, a Rosemary Mango adaptation that hits all the right notes. The dish, which literally translates to ‘cooked cream’, is as creamy and indulgent as can be.


Do not miss the Bao Buns with Crushed Peppercorn Chicken from Bike & Barrel, and grab a refreshing beer to go with it. Our steamed bao buns are pillowy-soft and pair perfectly with the peppery chicken filling.


Call 0413 666 2277 / +91 78068 00087 to enjoy these tasty dishes!


Pondy Meen Manga Kozhambu, Rosemary Mango Panna Cotta, Bao Buns with Crushed Peppercorn Chicken


Whether you’re in Chennai, Pondicherry, Coimbatore or Karur, you’ve always got a fabulous meal awaiting you at The Residency. We can’t wait to welcome you back. In the meantime, enjoy the simple pleasure of the Residency experience at home!


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