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30 Jul 2020

The Pioneer Chef


From show-stopping twists on classic dishes to regular TV appearances, Chef Ajeeth Janardhanan has earned celebrity status in the culinary world! As Executive Chef at The Residency Towers Coimbatore, he has ushered in a new age of gourmet dining. Truly multifaceted in every way, there is more to Chef Ajeeth than meets the eye. Let’s take a deep dive and get to know the man behind Coimbatore’s booming culinary scene.



From curious child to professional chef


Chef Ajeeth has always been drawn to the alchemy of cooking. As a child, he would spend hours watching his mother, who sparked his passion for cooking, craft delicious, nourishing meals from humble ingredients. No task was too small for him, and he delighted in even simply cutting vegetables for meals. Our beloved chef has come a long way since then, and has consistently pushed the boundaries of gourmet cuisine in favour of a more wholesome definition of the term.


Chef Ajeeth on the cover of Travel & Shop Magazine to discuss his innovative and ethically-sourced dishes


The chef’s personal food philosophy


“Responsible Cuisine” is how Chef Ajeeth describes his approach to cooking. ‘Local and sustainable’ is the name of the game, with ingredients sourced from within a 100 km radius. He hopes to spread the message that there is untapped potential in local ingredients to create healthy gourmet meals.

Of course adapting a recipe to suit lesser known ingredients presents a challenge, but Chef Ajeeth is not one to back down. Lucky for us, challenges get his wheels turning, and the results are always delicious!


Move over vanilla, it’s buttermilk’s time to shine!

Chef Ajeeth is the mastermind behind Krave’s artisanal ice creams.


Appetite for knowledge


Chef Ajeeth is a man of many interests. Besides his culinary inclination, he is also a voracious reader. His walls are lined with hundreds of books, both on the culinary arts and fiction. Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less’ is his absolute favourite book and he describes a thrilling scene with such passion that his imagination has surely transported him right there. His quest for knowledge is insatiable, and his newest avenue for discovery is podcasts. Chef Ajeeth’s top three podcasts at the moment are: 1) The Internet Said So 2) Akimbo and 3) Special Mission with Gul Panag.


A family man at heart


A good road trip, movie with popcorn, or even an evening workout session with his daughter is how Chef Ajeeth spends family time. He knows the value of creating great moments with his favourite people, and has travelled far and wide making memories to last a lifetime. Out of all the places he has visited, his no.1 travel destination is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, closely followed by the Maldives. The pristine blue waters coaxed out his adventurous side and now his albums are filled with scuba diving and deep sea fishing in destinations as close to paradise as can get!


Chef Ajeeth’s favourite people!


An ideal day at work


Chef Ajeeth is addicted to orchestrating smooth and spectacular experiences out of what he calls a “madhouse”. Recalling two of his most memorable days, he describes several VIP events happening at the same time with thousands of guests awaiting his culinary creations. The adrenaline high followed by the sigh of relief made it all worth it.


One such memorable day with a visit from Masterchef Australia’s Sarah Todd


He is as innovative as they come, and he capitalises on curating menus to let his creativity run unrestrained. One look at his works of art and you know what Chef Ajeeth is all about. His towering sushi cake is one creation we’ll never forget!

We are so proud to have Chef Ajeeth Janardhanan be a part of The Residency family. Visit The Residency Towers Coimbatore to see this legend in action yourself!

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