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22 Jul 2020

Work from Hotel: Lighting that Boosts Productivity


Have you ever found yourself motivated for the work week, only to find that your focus has decided to take a temporary leave of absence? The rhythm of your day just feels off and you’re not quite sure why. With several studies on the link between the right lighting and productivity, we at The Residency have put in place Circadian Lighting Systems that are conducive to creating your best work. Move over Work from Home. Work from Hotel is the new WFH.


To understand what 'right lighting' is and how it can impact your WFH experience, read on.


What is Circadian Lighting?


Natural light is more than just bright and dark. There’s a whole spectrum of colours that sunlight contains, apart from the seemingly white light we see. Sunlight sets our natural sleep-wake cycle by regulating hormones that help us stay awake and fall asleep. Blue light molecules are scattered more heavily during the day, keeping us alert. The warmer red rays help us transition to restful sleep as the day wears on. As we increasingly spend time indoors, our lighting must start to mirror the natural world. Circadian Lighting mimics the sunlight's shift throughout the day so that the body's natural clock can be maintained.



What's wrong with the lighting at work?


Office lighting is typically cold and bright, designed to keep you alert and focussed all day. This began as early as the 1920s when America was looking to make the economic boom last. With studies being conducted on how to get the best results from workers, the link between bright lighting and productivity was established. However, these studies failed to take into account the disruption of sleep caused by this perpetually bright unnatural light.


Without a shift to slightly dimmer warm light in the evening, you toss and turn at night and lose out on much-needed sleep. Work from home is no better, with poor lighting only exacerbating the issue of blurred work-home boundaries and uncomfortable workspaces. Bed times are out of whack, productivity at work dips, and you’re not quite sure how to break the cycle.



Work from Hotel to the rescue


The guest experience always comes first at The Residency, and a guest-centric approach is what led us to adopt Circadian Lighting. With office lighting so far removed from nature's rhythm, Work from Hotel is the new solution to overcome employee fatigue and boost productivity.

What’s so different about hotel lighting anyway?


Lighting that can be adjusted to fit your needs


Need to overcome jet lag quickly? Still have mountains of work to finish before the morning meeting? With the DigiValet in your room, choose lighting that suits your needs with the push of a button. Simulate the break of dawn to ease yourself out of sleep, tune your lighting to lean cooler and brighter during peak work hours, and get your body ready for some shut-eye with a warmer light setting.


Suite Room, The Residency Towers Chennai


Why does this work better?


The evening setting removes blue light to prime your eyes for rest, a few hours before bed. The jolt from ‘work hours’ to ‘lights off’ is not so jarring with this smooth transition. The daylight setting is enriched with energising blue light for alertness, and you’ll be surprised at how much work you can get done after a good night’s rest.


The perfect lighting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of ‘Work from Hotel’. As more and more people look for ways to make their workday both productive and more enjoyable, it might be time for companies to consider the positive impact that WFH can have on their employees' lives. They also need not worry about maintaining employee safety in our hotels, with fewer people, more private workspaces, and our ResiSafe standards.


(1) Suite Living Room (2) King Bedroom, The Residency Towers Puducherry


Say goodbye to Monday blues and say hello to your best work yet when you work from The Residency. Better workspace, better work.

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