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16 Jul 2020

Why Pondicherry is the Perfect Post-Lockdown Destination


It’s safe to say that we’re dreaming of vacations of epic proportions after spending way too many days at home. While travel restrictions are a challenge, we’ve identified the perfect post-lockdown destination for your next trip. Visit Puducherry for all the allure of an international vacation, and none of the hassle. Let’s take a look at exactly why Pondy is the place to go!


Get there in the safety of your car


Say goodbye to long flights, anxiety-inducing airport crowds, and debates over whether the middle seat should be occupied. With Puducherry, a holiday is just a short drive away! You will heave a sigh of relief with every kilometre you cross, free of worry about masks and social distancing. So, get your itinerary ready, and make the trip happen!



Any time is a good time to visit


You’re surely wondering how you can possibly get enough leave from work. The great thing about Puducherry, is that all the notable sights can be seen over a weekend! Look up any list of ‘Top 10 places to visit in Pondicherry’, and you’ll be delighted to see that most places are within walking distance of each other, making the best time to visit Pondicherry, any time!



There’s something for everyone


Looking for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or solo soul-searching expedition? Puducherry has something for everyone! Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at Pavilion for a date night that beats the city of love. Create memories with the family with some adventurous scuba diving at Paradise Beach. Tune into your soul as you visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram and explore Auroville. There is never any shortage of exciting places to visit in this beautiful Indo-French city!


(1) Scuba Diving (2) Matrimandir at Auroville


The best part? Most of Pondy’s must-sees are outdoors, so it’s easy to be safe and maintain physical distance.


A spectacular food lover's paradise


Not quite sold yet? Well, the food here is sure to change your mind. Puducherry has the best of local and international fare so each bite transports you to tasty destinations. There’s much talk of French cuisine as the foundation of Western cooking, so why don’t you come and try Pondy’s take on the classics? Or indulge in a foodcation with Puducherry’s bakeries, classy colonial cafés and fine dining restaurants and end the day with a bevvy at Bike & Barrel.


(1) Cheese Croissant from Café des Arts (2) Panna Cotta from Pavilion at The Residency Towers Puducherry


Breathtaking architecture


There’s a reason that pictures in Pondicherry saturate your Instagram feed every summer. The architecture is a unique mix of the French colonial style, with a sprinkle of local Tamil flavour. Every angle is picture-perfect and infused with rich history.



Walk the streets of White Town to experience France so close to home. But don’t miss out on the Tamil Quarter. It is its own masterpiece.


(1) Café des Arts (2) New Lighthouse (3) Streets of White Town


Pro tip: Take the signature Pondy pic. Were you really here if you didn’t take a picture with a sunny yellow background?


The Residency Towers


Now that we’ve convinced you to make the trip, we have only one thing left to say! Stay with us for a safe and fun-filled vacation! Step into our brand new luxury hotel and be treated like royalty. We invite you to enjoy our plush rooms, happening bar, and impressive restaurant, as you see what safe travel looks like with our ResiSafe standards.


Lobby, The Residency Towers Puducherry


Our Leisure Host can help you plan your entire weekend to get the most out of your time. Not to mention our fabulous breakfast buffet, which is the talk of the town!


The Residency Towers Puducherry


A vacation in Pondy could be just what you need to beat the post-lockdown blues. What are you waiting for? Start making your bookings!

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