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29 Jun 2020

Meet Puducherry’s Super-Achiever Hotelier


Buzzing with special events, a restaurant full of smiling faces, and cheerful staff that get the job done, the brand new Residency Towers Puducherry is making headlines!


This is all thanks to our beloved General Manager Amarnath Soundararajan, who oversees daily operations at our latest luxury property. Handling the launch and operations of a brand new hotel is no small feat, so let’s get to know the man who runs the show!


Why hospitality?


Amar has always been passionate about exploring new cuisines. He knew early on that a career in food would not only be exciting, but would also fuel his creative impulses. The clear winner for him was managing a restaurant. Little did he know an entire hotel was heading his way!



He started as the F&B Manager five years ago at The Residency Towers Coimbatore, and played a major role in revolutionising the relaunch. His collaboration with chefs, innovative concepts, and elevation of menus and banquets, made him the person to watch from the very beginning.


Journey to becoming a Hotel Manager


Amar’s journey to being the GM is anything but ordinary, and his growth curve has been sharp and fast. He was a part of the first REAP Program that provides deserving employees an opportunity to fast-track growth. Tailor-made for the industry with his passion for all things hospitality, he quickly went from department head to GM and is the first person to do so.


Amarnath with our COO Mr. B Gopinath during the REAP graduation ceremony


He took on the launch of a brand new hotel as his principal assignment, a challenge for even the most seasoned GMs. In a matter of months, he turned The Residency Towers Puducherry into every traveler’s paradise. Our guests have not stopped singing praises of their experience at the property!


A hospitality romance


Before joining The Residency, he worked as the F&B Manager for Mahindra Coorg where he met his lovely wife, Bindu. With her background in hospitality from her time at The Radisson, theirs was a love story waiting to happen! Their shared love for travel took them on their honeymoon to Langkawi, Amar’s favourite holiday destination. Maldives is next on their list!


Amar with his wife, Bindu


What’s so special about Pondy?


Amar has his fair share of recommendations, having lived in Puducherry for a little over a year. Scuba diving is a must, he says, along with a visit to Chunnambar Boat House and Paradise Beach. His favourite thing to do is walk along scenic White Town to get the full Pondy experience. While at White Town, he highly recommends Coromandel Cafe for a delicious meal and some real European charm.



Leisure for Amarnath


Amar’s ideal weekend has him lounging on a hammock, Bacardi and coconut water in hand, as he watches the world go by. Once a year, he also enjoys a bike tour of a scenic destination of his choice.



When you hear about Amar’s achievements, it is easy to forget that he is also one of the most fun people around! Everyone that knows him, loves his vibrant and fun-loving personality. His favourite part of the job is meeting people every day from different parts of the world. With Amarnath around, days are fun, spirits are high, and the The Residency Towers Puducherry is the place to be!

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