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19 Jun 2020

The Ultimate Guide to French Food in Puducherry


If you’re looking for the ultimate post lockdown destination that is both safe and international, Puducherry is your best bet. Among the many reasons to visit Pondicherry, are the famous French dishes to try everywhere you go. While your mind might immediately jump to popular classics like croissants, crêpes, and coq au vin, Pondy offers all this and so much more.


For a taste of France through the eyes of this quaint Southern Indian city, take a look at our recommendations and make your weekend mini-vacation delightfully international!


Gorge on breakfast classics at Les Saveurs


Start your day right with buttery French pastry at Les Saveurs! With Pain au Chocolat, Ham and Cheese Omelets and killer coffee, breakfast here goes down way too easy. Flow down a river of deep indulgence as you taste their Dark Chocolate Fondue, and we guarantee you won’t be looking for a life raft. Located in White Town, this restaurant oozes Indo-French colonial charm for that uniquely Pondy feel.



(1) Croque Monsieur, @photographingaround | (2) Steak Au Poivre, @living.images.photography.in | (3) Ratatouille Stack, @lafinebouche13


Get fancy at Courtyard Restaurant


Food at Courtyard Restaurant in White Town is quintessentially Pondicherry, with an elevated twist. Wine pairings are just the beginning of an extravagant experience here.


The menu includes Confit Chicken that incorporates a classic French technique, and Creole Shrimp that showcases the coming together of cuisines as a result of French colonialism. However, it is their Lobster that captures what they're all about - a splurge-worthy meal with the best of Indian and French cuisine. You can go from Crêpe Suzette to Gulab Jamun under the same roof, so there's something for everyone!



(1) Courtyard Restaurant, @antoniodanielrobert | (2) Le Dupleix Lobster & | (3) Crepe Suzette, @tharunhardy


Rendezvous at Rendezvous Café Restaurant


Pondicherry is the perfect place to slow down from fast-paced daily life. Unwind as you fill your bellies and watch the world go by at this picturesque White Town spot. It doesn’t get more French than their tasty Chicken Cordon Bleu and French Onion Soup. But when at Rendezvous, do as the locals do and make sure your table is packed with both popular French dishes and the delectable Mangalorean dishes. While not particularly French, their Baileys Bread & Butter Pudding is not to be missed!



(1) The Café, @thatsnishi | (2) Coq au Vin & (3) Grilled Red Snapper, @rendezvous_cafe_restaurant


Taste the coast of France at Blueline


Overlooking the sea, Blueline offers the freshest seafood in town! For the indecisive, we suggest their French Cuisine Tasting Menu. Tour France with two mains and a dessert through this option. We cannot recommend the Sole Meunière enough, flavoured with rich and nutty brown butter, salty capers, and fresh zingy lemon and herbs. Their fusion menu is not to be missed either, for there’s nothing more Pondy than fusion food!



(1) Three Cheese Soufflé, @ssatpreetkaur | (2) Sole Meunière, @thatgoangirl


Try a reinvented classic at Crêpe In Touch


Crêpe In Touch is the true embodiment of Pondicherry’s food scene with it’s classic French crêpes and galettes, and some not so traditional options. Enjoy their savoury Belle-Ile Ratatouille and Feta Galette and indulge in a sweet Organic Jaggery Crêpe for dessert. The choices are endless so make sure you arrive with a crowd to try as many as possible!



(1) Savoury & Sweet Crêpes, @fortheloveoffood247 | (2) Egg Cheese & Tomato Crêpe, @food_passion_fun | (3) Bacon Egg Cheese Crêpe, @crepeintouch


Please the entire family at Pavilion


For a taste of France so close to home, try The Residency’s delectable Fillet of Beef with Garlic Hash. The flavour-packed porcini mushroom jus served with this, is sure to stay on your mind for days! Hoping for something that packs a bit more punch? Our Pondy Manga Meen Kuzhambu ticks all the boxes. When you’re at Pavilion, experience Puducherry cuisine at its finest!



(1) Pondy Manga Meen Kuzhambu | (2) Bread Display | (3) Grilled Tiger Prawns


Satisfy your sweet tooth at Krave


Trying Krave’s famous flakey Croissants is a given, but why not indulge further while you’re here? The delicately crafted French Macarons are not to be missed, and every bite will remind you why! Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just a general love for life? Make your celebration infinitely sweeter with Krave’s Strawberry White Chocolate Delight Gateaux.



(1) French Macarons | (2) Strawberry White Chocolate Delight Gateaux | (3) Croissant


Experience Pondy’s culinary delights armed with our list on your next trip. Whether authentically French or French fusion, Pondicherry cuisine transports you to a whole new world. So get in your car, start the engine and make your way to this food lover’s paradise. All that’s left to say is Bon Appétit!


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