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12 May 2020

Embracing a New Normal in the Time of COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in travel plans everywhere. However, we at The Residency fully recognise our responsibility to ease guests’ minds with strict hygiene and safety protocol at all our locations. From our Safety Team that monitors implementation, to employee workshops and regimented sanitation rules, we are embracing a new normal. For every concern - from touching elevator buttons to ordering room service - we’ve got you covered with our dedicated staff and attention to detail.


Read on to know the nitty gritty of why every space at The Residency is a safe space. We’ve broken down our new and improved safety protocol by category, and included a handy checklist at the end!


Safety begins before you even get to your room


As you step into The Residency, your home away from home, we welcome you with our warm yet contactless greeting - a hand to the heart and a slight bow.


We make no compromises when it comes to your health and safety, and are vigilant about who is permitted to enter the premises. Once you enter the premises, social distancing is the name of the game. As we have always been tech forward, we use technology wherever we can to minimise contact.


Our new safety protocol is easy to follow, through clear signs and markings on the floor.


Just like we’ve learnt to instinctively grab a mask before stepping out of the house, we will be with you every step of the way as you adapt to these changes.




Detailed information is collected from those from restricted regions while making reservations to ensure the safety of all guests and staff.

Thermal scanning is conducted for guests at the entrance, and those with a temperature of over 98.6°F are not permitted on the premises.

Security will scan baggage in the X-ray machine, and will proceed to sanitise it.

Masks are provided to guests who arrive without one.

Technology is made use of in the check-in and check-out process to limit time at the front desk.

Clear safety and hygiene instructions are provided to all guests.


Common Areas:


Every space is thoroughly disinfected at regular intervals with approved cleaning agents.

Wall-mounted sanitisers are placed at various checkpoints.

Our drivers and in-hotel staff wear protective gear at all times

Staff are trained for minimal contact whether at the front desk, hotel car, or restaurant.

A specially trained ‘hygiene butler’ has been introduced at all locations to maintain sanitation standards and clear guest queries.

Special care is taken to ensure internal air quality far exceeds outdoor air quality.

Every public space is clearly marked in accordance with social distancing norms. E.g. The reception is marked with the distance to be maintained, while elevators are marked with directions so guests do not face one another in this confined space.


Consider your room a safe haven


Your room should be a cocoon of comfort to unwind from the day’s happenings. We make sure you can kick back even in these uncertain times.


You’re never left guessing at The Residency, with ‘sanitised for you’ signage and tent cards placed in the room. We are holding off on turn down services for now to facilitate minimal contact.


Physical newspapers will not be delivered for the same reason. However, you can still catch up on the news with your morning cup of coffee through e-papers available on WhatsApp.




Only every other room is allocated or two rooms are left vacant between those occupied.

Housekeeping staff maintains the highest level of sanitation standards, and places tent cards in the room upon completion of duties.

Corridors on room floors are misted with a disinfecting agent thrice a day.

Room linens are changed only upon request and are pre-washed at 50° celsius, and then at 75-80° celsius. The same procedure is followed for laundry. After being washed, clean linen is stored in a dedicated place with no soiled linen near it.


Dining with us


We understand that a fabulous meal at the restaurant is an irreplaceable part of the hotel experience. There is no stone unturned in making sure you get to experience our delicious offerings. Kitchen regulations have been tightened up in compliance with our elevated safety and hygiene protocol, which we think makes the food taste even better!


We have put in place several checks, so every detail of your meal can be paid attention to. Our impressive buffets can still be enjoyed, but food is served at the comfort of your table.


To avoid crowding and an unpleasant wait, guests are requested to come to the restaurant only when a table is available.


Kitchen and Restaurants:


The kitchen, ingredients, and equipment are regularly sanitised with appropriate agents.

Number of staff is reduced to the minimum required, and workstations are spaced out so they do not face one another.

Menus have been limited to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail.

Restaurant tables and seating have been limited to half capacity.

Serviettes are individually packed in sealed covers.


Amenities, Business Centres and Meeting Areas


When you choose The Residency, every aspect of your stay counts. Though several hindrances have been put in place as per government regulations, we’ve made sure you don’t leave without the full hotel experience. For every morning swim or gym session you miss, check out our health channels instead. For every lost spa day, how about a guided virtual yoga session? We don’t want you to miss out on anything, and our innovative cookery classes, music and TV channels are sure to keep you busy.


Head to our meeting areas and business centre when it’s time to get to work, and rest assured that we will look after your safety.


Amenities and Work Areas:


Pools, gyms and spas will remain closed for the foreseeable future, however, other safe alternatives have been made available.

Every desk, workspace, and piece of equipment in the meeting areas and business centres are disinfected after each use.

The number of guests in these areas is limited, with adequate space between each person.


A safe hotel begins with healthy employees


There’s more than what meets the eye in making your stay with us smooth and safe. It begins with staff that’s healthy and well taken care of. This is ensured through the provision of transport, training, regular temperature checks, well-sanitised and appropriate uniforms, and making use of the staggered shift model to limit contact.




Temperature checks are performed for all associates before they board the bus, and associates that display any flu symptoms, however mild, are requested to stay home.

Uniforms are pre-washed at 50° celsius, and then at 75-80° celsius.

Masks and gloves are now considered part of the official uniform across all departments. The masks provided are disposable and the gloves are disinfected with every use.

Shifts are in staggered time slots to ensure there is no overcrowding at various employee checkpoints, such as lockers and the cafeteria.

Extensive signage is displayed in employee areas explaining the need for regular hand-washing.

Sensitisation classes are held for associates on upgraded hygiene standards, and they are kept well-informed on all COVID-19 protocol.


At The Residency, we understand that these are unprecedented times, and we have taken on the challenge to make your days with us a little more predictable, and a whole lot more safe. While we can’t control what happens outside our walls, when you’re with us there’s no need to look over your shoulder. Give your mind a holiday as you leave it all to us.


We’ve made sure that all the things you love about hotels still remain, albeit a little differently. #ResidencyCares and we look forward to hosting you soon.


For reservations or enquiries, click here. To download our PDF checklist, click here.

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