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23 Apr 2020

Coping with a Pandemic: Employee Edition

“The secret to growth is helping others.” - Julian Hall


During this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, the world is facing major lifestyle and economic repercussions. Hospitality stakeholders are forced to respond to the crisis and redefine businesses. In such stressful times, we, at The Residency, choose to go by our motto ‘Hospitality with Heart’. We believe businesses should use their platform to help curb the growing panic, spread hope, and contribute positively in this fight against the virus.


And, here’s how we’re doing it.


Conquering the essentials


The Team at The Residency Towers Coimbatore


Like in any crisis, we began with the basics and ensured our teams never have to worry about the essentials. Stranded staff members are provided with nearby accommodation and can dine at the staff cafeteria in our hotels in Chennai, Coimbatore, Karur, and Puducherry, for the length of this lockdown. Even the associates who live close by, but do not have easy access to food, are encouraged to have all their meals at our hotels.


Staff training and crisis-handling measures


The next step was making sure that our people understood the gravity of the situation. While teams were working from home where possible, a skeletal crew volunteered to stay at the hotel to tend to guests stranded during the sudden lockdown. They underwent accelerated training on screening guests, practising social distancing, sanitizing the property, etc. Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Gopinath, also sent out a short video, via our cloud-based HRMS, to educate the team on a range of topics such as medical safety, business situation handling, and the psychological effect of this pandemic.


Our Covid-19 Resi Heroes


Staying updated


In a time when rumours are far more viral than the virus itself, our COO and others from the management voluntarily took up MBRU’s ‘Let’s Break The Chain of COVID-19 Infection’ course and have become Community Immunity Ambassadors. We also send regular updates to our staff and keep them informed. Our team also took to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to raise health and safety awareness amongst our followers.


Keeping morale high


It is easy to spiral into depressing thoughts and lose focus when we’re constantly bombarded with dire news. We encourage our team’s creative endeavours as a way to keep busy and cope with the stress. From cook-offs to poster-making and dance competitions, we try to keep our associates engaged and motivated. Aside from the fun and games, our HR and Finance teams frequently share health tips as well as advice on personal finance, EMI moratorium, and other practical concerns during this lockdown.


Community assistance



Preparing meals for the frontline workers, at The Residency Chennai


Actively contributing to community efforts has also helped bolster employee morale. Our kitchens put out sublime dishes that have been distributed to approximately 200 doctors at the Government Hospital, Royapettah. Our teams also cooked for the incredible Police personnels of Chennai and Coimbatore. We’ve lent a helping hand to the migrant construction workers staying adjacent to our hotels by providing food, basic amenities, and medical assistance. In addition, our teams also feed 150 stray dogs in Chennai, on a daily basis.


Through all our endeavours, we hope to show the world that while handling a global pandemic can be tricky, being compassionate, doing what’s right, and supporting our team and community through these challenging days can go a long way in easing the situation.


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