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06 Mar 2020

Step into the Future

An In-depth Look at Our Smart Guest Rooms




Fine linens and exotic dishes alone cannot give modern travellers the unique, upscale hotel experience they are looking for (although they do play a key role. A half-hour long check-in process could sour the experience of even 400 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets. A truly luxurious hotel ensures a seamless, hassle-free experience from the moment you book your room until it's time to check-out. And we’ve made things a lot simpler with intelligent technology.

At The Residency Towers, technology affects every little aspect of your stay from the moment you slide the keycard into its slot and the lights flood the room. It elevates your experience and helps us surpass your expectations of a quality service. Allow us to show you a few ways in which our rooms have become smarter to accommodate your needs.


1. A Digital Welcome



Presidential Suite, The Residency Towers Coimbatore


Intuitive technology has helped us create special, personalised moments in the room from the time you enter. Even as you push open the door and walk inside, the curtains slide open and the flat-screen TV displays your name along with a lovely welcome message to give you the dramatic, movie-like entrance you deserve.


2. Customised Lighting & Temperature Controls


The level of illumination in the room is in your hands, quite literally! Based on your need or the time of the day, choose from the available presets on the DigiValet such as ‘morning’, ‘dining’, ‘movie time’, ‘sleep’, etc. However, if you’re reading and just need a couple of lights, turn off the others without even getting off the couch or the bed.


Suite Room, The Residency Towers Chennai


Much like the lights, you can also easily check the room temperature and set the thermostat to your preference. The eco-friendly range is clearly marked to help environmentally-conscious guests avoid having to google the optimal settings.


3. Food & Entertainment at the Press of a Button


Use the DigiValet to dine with a gorgeous view at any one of our in-house restaurants by reserving your table of choice on the application. On the other hand, you can also enjoy a relaxing night-in and swipe through our endless room service menu to have a scrumptious meal delivered to you. The app also has room to enter your allergies and preferences, so our chefs can ensure a safe and personalised dining experience.


Premier Room, The Residency Towers Chennai


While your food is on your way, sort out the entertainment by scrolling through the plethora of regional as well as national TV channels at your disposal. You could even catch up on digital episodes by streaming straight from your Netflix/Amazon Prime account. But if you’ve had enough screen-time for the day, just turn on the radio and unwind with some tunes and a book.


4. Intelligent Alarm System


When the lights, radio and the curtains in the room work together to wake you up, it is no longer a chore to get out of bed. In fact, our guests often say it is a spectacle to behold. So, when you are at one of The Residency Towers hotels, give your phones a rest and let our DigiValet wake you up instead.


Smart Doorbell, The Residency Towers Puducherry


5. Track Your Bill


Are you a business traveller or simply one who likes living by a budget? You now have the option of tracking your bill on the DigiValet. Say goodbye to those awkward conversations at the billing desk.


This is just the tip of the iceberg as for the functionality embedded within each guest room in our hotels. Come visit us in Chennai, Coimbatore or Puducherry to discover the joys of an automated hotel experience. Book your stay with us here.

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