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29 Jan 2020

The healthier sugar substitute for a healthier you


The serendipitous discovery of Aspartame in 1970 led to the creation of a market for artificial sugar substitutes. Even today, it is the most commonly used alternative to processed sugar as it is said to be 200 times sweeter, with little to no side effects. So much so, that diabetics all over the world sate their sweet tooth with Aspartame-based products.

With two of its major components being naturally occurring amino acids – aspartic acid and phenylalanine – you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that this substance is great for your health.


But, The Residency Towers Coimbatore is ditching its use?


Unfortunately, Aspartame is a controversial topic amongst health experts and nutritionists. As of 2014, it was found to be the largest source of methanol in the American diet. You see, when our body processes Aspartame, the compound is broken down into methanol. Free methanol, when consumed regularly, further breaks down into formaldehyde, a well-known carcinogen, and neurotoxin. These greatly increase the risk of cancer and other neurological disorders, when consumed regularly. This is one of the many reasons why Aspartame is a cause of concern for many people despite numerous studies concluding otherwise.


What are the alternatives?


Aspartame is an FSSAI-approved sweetener and there is no conclusive evidence against it. However, in order to provide our guests with the very best of ingredients, our team unanimously agreed to drop this controversial ingredient. In our search for other sweeteners, we explored natural alternatives such as honey, jaggery, molasses, etc. Finally, we settled on a popular sweetener known as Stevia.


What is Stevia and how is it better than Aspartame?


This plant-based sweetener, derived from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, is approximately 200 times sweeter than regular sugar. You don’t need more than a pinch to make a cup of tea. Stevia is also a non-nutritive sweetener with plenty of health benefits, and none of those pesky calories. Folks suffering from lifestyle disorders like diabetes can rest assured they are in good hands, as it may help keep blood sugar levels in check by significantly lowering insulin and glucose levels in the body.


Where are we going to use Stevia?


From the large array of desserts at our buffets and menu, to the little sachets that accompany your coffee and team, our guests will now have the option to ditch sugars and go the Stevia route at every instance possible. You’re just going to have to drop by to know what’s on the menu that day, and really indulge in the sugar-free experience!

Did you know that our menus already have sugar-free, vegan and even lactose free options available? Our chefs are always learning and experimenting, to try and make our offering as inclusive as possible.

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