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27 Jun 2018

Top places to visit in Coimbatore when you're on a vacation

Coimbatore, or as the world would like to call it, the Manchester of South India, is the perfect combination of urban cosmopolitan lifestyle and India’s unique cultural heritage. It has always proved its exquisiteness in leaving tourists awestruck at the grace, charm and the so humble nature of this emerging fast emerging metropolitan and its dwellers. This beautiful city has a myriad possibilities to venture into and this article hopes to helps uncover a few interesting ones. If you are on here on a visit, and intend to stay in Coimbatore for more than a day, you shouldn’t go back without experiencing at least a few of these city’s exclusives.


Valankulam Lake If you’re a morning person, you can head down to the Valankulam Lake, during sunrise, , and you will be mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes and the rare migratory birds.



Gass Museum If there is any place that you can encounter wild animals face to face and also take eerie selfies with them, it is the antique Gass Museum in the Forest College area, because they are dead, stuffed and worth preserving. If it doesn’t creep you too much out, that is :)



Monkey Falls Ever had the feeling to get drenched in nature’s love pouring in straight down from the mountains? Cut a day off to visit the Monkey falls during season, but beware of the 1:1 human-monkey population that will be sure to target all eatables you carry.



Valparai If the word road trip thrills you, then you should definitely be looking forward to an uphill adventure to Valparai (close to Pollachi). When the breath-taking greenery welcomes you, the slight drizzles greeting you every now and then, listening to the songs and signs of nature, you are bound to remember every moment of the trip and cherish them!



Race Course If you are in for a little physical activity, you should definitely hit the race course. Take a walk or a jog there, meet and build a rapid rapport with random people or just smell the greenery that meets the eye in every direction. This is one place to which you can travel several miles just to walk a couple of miles. And it is totally worth it!



The Residency Coimbatore The Residency Coimbatore offers you a myriad choices of delectable cuisines - and don’t come out until you have tasted all the cuisines offered at The Pavilion - the restaurant offers you an elaborate buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and gives you an a la carte option as well. If you’re in the mood for something spicy, visit Afghan Grill, an open-to-sky restaurant, set amidst manicured lush lawn is a popular eating place for tourists and the local population alike.

Afghan grill offers North-West Frontier, Grilled Indian and Afghani dishes, exceptionally luscious delectable cuisine.

All in all, when you even just chat with the native people of Coimbatore, you will understand their breath-taking humility and respect for even the tiniest of God’s creations and fall in love with the city and never want to leave. What are you still waiting for?

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