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18 Jun 2019

Go-To Apps When the Travel Bug Bites


Once upon a time, a well-planned travel needed an agent. Now, you’ve got the luxury of a full-time assistant, available in the palm of your hand. With the right suite of apps, the world is your oyster to explore and enjoy the way you choose. Whether it is for business or for pleasure, some of these apps can make your experience smoother and more wholesome.





Never overpay for your air travel again, with SkyScanner. This app will compare flights from different airlines as well as various sites, and throw up the best options in terms of duration and price for the dates you pick out. Recently, it has expanded to include transport and hotel searches too!





No matter how meticulous a planner you are, something always goes amiss while packing for a trip. PackPoint is one such app that will ease the pressure, by helping you decide exactly what to pack, be it for business or for leisure, depending on the weather, activities planned, travel duration, and even the availability of laundry services!



Google Maps


We’re sure that Google Maps is a must-have on your phone, but did you know that apart from showing routes and traffic, Maps has features for picking the right trains and buses, finding the closest ATM or cafe, and even suggesting interesting events around you? Don’t get lost in the obvious; dive into the app to find out how best you can use the app!





Bad weather can ruin a perfectly good itinerary. AccuWeather will give you an overview of what the conditions may be like, so a traveler can decide how to go about their day. Minute to minute updates and prediction for up to 15 days in advance will help you stay on top of the clouds (or sun!).



XE Currency


A currency conversion app is a no-brainer for the quintessential globetrotter. Keeping up with exchange rates every day and calculating for every transaction can be tedious. A fine app like XE Currency, with useful features like storing last rates for offline conversions, can be a life saver.





Travel is about new experiences. Looking for a concert, workshop or hiking expedition in the city you’re in? MeetUp is just the app for that. Search for events around you or find a buddy to tag along. For the professionals, you can tune in to networking events!





This one is a special for the traveler with dietary restrictions. Even though the world is on a vegan drive, finding vegetarian or vegan food can be quite difficult in some destinations. With HappyCow, you don’t need to settle for just bread or fries. Sort restaurants by purely vegan or vegetarian cuisine, or at least find one that has a few options on the menu.





Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are some other recommendations that could be a convenient travel supplement:


  • Google Translate - for a foreign tongue
  • Splitwise - easy finance app for group travel
  • Kayak - metasearch app for killer travel deals
  • Uber - in case you need to hitch a cab
  • Airbnb - for unique homes to stay


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