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28 May 2019

Spa time - not a luxury, but a necessity


The origins of massage therapy date back thousands of years - from the ancient Chinese texts to the Egyptian forms of reflexology, and of course, the Indian practice of Ayurveda that has been passed down for centuries. Its practices are still in use due to its numerous therapeutic properties and medical benefits.


Nothing a massage can’t fix



Studies have shown that massage therapy is highly beneficial to one’s overall health. It is known to strengthen one’s immune system by eliminating toxins and reducing blood pressure. It greatly reduces stress, headaches, and muscle pains, while simultaneously improving blood circulation and flexibility.


Keep carpal tunnel away



If you’re someone who sits for hours in front of a computer for work or leisure, a massage will help ease all the tension that accumulates in your shoulders and back. Those with desk jobs often suffer from pain in the lower back or shoulders from sitting for so long. A massage can go a long way in easing the tension, making it easier to concentrate on work and combating poor posture.


The merging of body and mind


In addition to their physical benefits, massages are also known to improve one’s mental health as they reduce anxiety and depression by stimulating the release of endorphins.


Studies have also proven that there is a direct connection between sleep and a person’s mental health. A relaxing day at the spa has the ability to soothe you to sleep, therefore greatly benefiting those with insomnia or sleep paralysis.


Keep jet lag at bay


If you’re a frequent traveler, a spa day can do wonders for your trip. Though travelling can be fun, it can result in a lot of stress - especially with regard to planning the entire trip, booking tickets, packing and unpacking, and that’s not accounting for jet lag, long travel times, uncomfortable seats, long business meetings, and little to no sleep. Just reading all that can leave you drained of energy! Setting aside time for the spa goes a long way in keeping you fresh and energized against travel fatigue.


Turn your vacation into a spa-cation



In order to actually enjoy your trip, a longer duration of stay is ideal, but time and money often aren’t on our side. We know that hectic schedules are inevitable - there’s always more to see and do, especially if you’re in a bustling city like Chennai or Coimbatore that never stops moving. This can often leave you feeling stressed and exhausted, which is bound to affect your stay. The Residency’s ‘Respa, The Wellness Spa’ offers a wide range of treatments to get you ready to tackle the city.


A massage a week gives you the serenity you seek


Now that you’re aware of the many ways in which a spa day can improve your quality of life - both mentally and physically - you may be wondering how often you should get one.


The ideal frequency varies between individuals, but it is recommended you visit the spa at least twice a month to keep your muscles relaxed and pliable. For athletes or those with chronic pain, a weekly visit to the spa is advisable as a sports massage goes a long way in keeping an athlete fit and flexible.


The Residency’s Wellness Spa, Respa, offers a variety of spa treatments and amenities for the ultimate relaxation experience. From gentle rejuvenating massages to intense deep tissue massages, our expert therapists have everything you need to stimulate your senses. Head to the Respa in Chennai or Coimbatore for a refreshing experience that revitalizes your mind, body, and soul.


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