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19 Jun 2018

Pre-arrival guest experience and why it makes a difference

The Residency Group has long been serving customers and trying to make sure we stay up to date of the times while preserving the history, culture and charm of each destination.

Just like the hotel industry has been evolving, so have the travellers as well - Most travelers these days do not just think of a hotel as a place to stay. The travelers now are seeking delightful customer service and development in their travels, to connect with humanity and the world around, and to return home changed, with shifted perspectives and a deeper understanding of the world they inhabit.



We know and understand the importance of creating a seamless arrival experience for our guests, and that is why we have these steps in place to enhance your experience in The Residency. We’re known to be one of the best hotels in Chennai, with a loyal clientele. Here are some reasons why :

Happy staff, happy you
We believe that our guests can only feel at home when they are welcomed with a genuine smile. This is why we believe in recruiting happy staff, and people who are as enthusiastic as us for providing our guests with a unique and memorable experience at The Residency.

Managing your expectations
We meticulously go through your feedback, and use guest feedback analytics to try and understand our guests have loved about us, as well as what their grievances might be. We make sure these are addressed at the first instant, across locations, from the The Residency Towers Chennai to The Residency Karur, so that these don’t recur again.

Go the extra mile
Each one of The Residency Group’s five luxury hotels has its own distinctive personality and charm and we aspire to become synonymous with providing an exceptional experience for every traveler, which is why our staff is duly trained and is eager to help with anything our guests might need. The most effective way would be to try communicating and build-up on the pre-arrival guest experience.

We also understand that guests want a consistent journey when searching and booking for accommodation, and that is why our new website is aligned to suit your every need.

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