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24 May 2019

Hold your meetings behind hotel doors


As the policies and practices that shape the modern economy evolve, the way we organize and do work changes with it. Take, for example, the emergence of coworking spaces and the gig economy. There’s a different experience that employees seek, and it’s not one that requires companies to bend over backward for. In this regard, company events and meetings are a great place to begin. Enter, hotels. They offer space, experience, and the guarantee that all your gatherings conclude without a hitch. Here are the top reasons why you should consider making hotels your go-to for business meetings and events.


1. They take care of everything


When an event is organised internally, employees are forced to take on multiple roles as planners, coordinators, and attendees. It is likely that a few employees don’t benefit from the event because of the roles they play in the days leading up to it. A hotel venue enables employees to kick back and enjoy an event, as the staff on premises manage all preparations.



2. Modern hotel rooms are designed to be more social spaces



Advanced technology and IT infrastructure make it possible to exchange information at the click of a button. This leaves more time for attendees to navigate the room and build important social connections. The lounge-like ambiance at hotels also creates an opportunity for employees to loosen up, thereby bringing out their best, and making them bolder with ideas.



3. They are universally recognised as places of celebration



The décor, flower arrangements, and fresh hotel smell that greets you at the door, together create a welcoming atmosphere to make any company event that much more special. Even if the office is a more buttoned-up formal space, employees can take this opportunity to enjoy themselves in a more laid-back environment.



4. Hotels offer corporates the chance to be extravagant without breaking the bank


However extravagant a property might be, there are usually special offers reserved for corporates clients. This promotes exclusivity while still being cost-efficient, with the added bonus of boosting employee morale.



5. They cater to a wide range of requirements



Hotels have options. It’s as simple as that. Whether you require a banquet hall that can accommodate 500 people or a smaller meeting space for 5, a hotel is your best bet. In addition to the venue, they are well-equipped for other arrangements, with everything available on-site. High-powered Wi-Fi, projectors, a well-running kitchen, and trained staff make hotels the place to trust with your important meetings and events.




6. It makes you look good



A company that’s willing to hold conferences at hotels is one that invests in its employees. When they feel valued and rewarded for their work, they don’t burn out, and everyone benefits. It also helps the company present themselves in the best possible light, and build a good reputation for employee satisfaction. With all these reasons to make hotels your no.1 choice for company events and meetings, it’s time to do away with drab office spaces and say hello to a new era of more efficient, gratifying meetings.

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