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06 Mar 2019

Skills you need to succeed in the hospitality business

The hospitality industry is diverse and vast. But its varied strands are held together by certain foundational principles. These tenets are central and indispensable to the business of hospitality. Whether you are an operations manager or a concierge at a restaurant, you need to have and hone these non-negotiable skills to be successful in the hospitality business.


Creative problem solving
From whipping up platters to housekeeping services, no function is immune to operational hiccups, given the buzzing, time-bound nature of the hospitality industry. It is therefore important to be able to think on your feet to fix any emerging customer issue.



By coming up with new ideas to delight customers, you can put a smile on their face. Deft and creative problem solving can help you turn around customer grievances and leave them with a good experience to remember, instead.


Focus on quality



The devil is always in the details. A successful hospitality professional should be well versed in different service etiquettes. Pay attention to the little details and hold up stellar standards of health, comfort and safety. It is important to embody a quality focused mindset across all your customer engagements to earn a place in the hearts of your customers.


Conflict resolution
Be it customer complaints, or miscommunications within the team, conflict resolution is a key skill for anyone who wants to make it in hospitality, a people-centric business at its core. To resolve disputes in peace, you should be able to create a safe, welcoming space for others’ perspectives, while putting forth your points clearly. This is the essence of good customer support.



Cultural awareness



Hospitality is a personal affair inspired by one’s cultural heritage. However, it caters to a wide spectrum of people from different cultures and nationalities. You should, therefore, be aware of cultural nuances and embrace differences. Such openness is crucial to ensure a comfortable and easy experience for customers. Your sensitivity to these cultural nuances can set you apart from the crowd and enhance customer satisfaction.


Communication skills
As a hospitality professional, you will be the face of your organization during your day-to-day engagements with customers. You are a representative of your employer’s brand in the public eye. The ability to engage with different customers, media, management, and convey the crux of your services and offerings is therefore imperative.





Hospitality is all about people skills and teamwork. Whether you are a head chef or a bar attendant, your work involves coordinating, liaising and managing people. If you can own and juggle all your responsibilities without dropping any, you are sure to stand out and shine.


Emotional intelligence
The personalized nature of service in hospitality makes interpersonal skills a mandatory requirement. Empathy and emotional intelligence show that you put your heart into your work. It brings customers back to you and reflects positively in your brand’s reception.


Customer service
Last but not least, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of your products and services to meet customers where they are and make them happy. Good customer service requires you to be diligent in maintaining standards and honoring deadlines. Tactful communication and listening skills go hand in hand with this.

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