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17 Oct 2018

What initiatives are hotels taking to make the workplace interesting for millenials ?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, if you’re older than thirty-five when you hear the word - “millennials” - a visual of the hipster generation, the younger generation forever glued to their smartphones?  Well, it’s time to shake up that belief a little. Did you know that it has been predicted that by the year 2025, millennials are going to make for more than 75 per cent of the labour market?


Known to be the most creative and progressive generation in the recent past, their only drawback is that they might also be the most job-hopping generation, so to speak. So what can employees do to retain them and keep the momentum going? And what is the hotel industry doing specifically to keep the workplace interesting?



You might think the luxurious hotel industry might be a dream to work in, but behind the elegant dining rooms and the luxurious curtains are the actual spaces where most hotel employees work. The kitchens can be extremely chaotic, break rooms cluttered, leading to overall friction.


But to boost employee morale and in turn customer service, hotels are now sprucing up their employee spaces and taking new initiatives to keep their best -blue-collar workers in-house

Improving work-space environment visually:


When employees come into work to a colourful,  vibrant and friendly workplace, their morale and productivity increase no bounds. Hotels are improving their kitchen environments, making them cheerful and vibrant. They are also realizing the importance of well-equipped break-rooms with of course free wifi for the smartphone generation.





Improving the quality of uniforms :


Gone are those days of uncomfortably starched uniforms that feel stifling. Now the staff uniforms are becoming more and more breathable and comfortable. Snazzy shoes that are elegant yet comfy, and of course the hotels are being more lenient towards haircuts that are more in fashion.


Extending employee benefits to their friends and family


Hotel management has understood now the secret of employee retention is to make them feel special, and what better than give them that little extra? Like employee specific benefits that extend to friends and family, holding rewards and recognition functions with vouchers to the hotel amenities, to name a few.


We at the Residency believe in the motto “Take care of your employees, and they will take care of you.” We believe in keeping our employees happy and strive towards giving our employees the same utmost importance as our customers, which reflects in our employee reviews.


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