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16 Oct 2018

How to travel on a budget when you're travelling within India

“To travel is to live,” said Hans Christian Andersen, and rightly so. Travel fills your heart and soul like nothing else. Most of us worry about expenses when it comes to travelling and keep putting it off for when we’ve saved enough. But who says you have to be rich to be able to travel across our beautiful country for a riveting experience?


We are now about to unravel some smart travel tips and tricks that will make you want to plan your next vacation right away. Get ready for some mind-blowing travel secrets! Here are ten ways to save money when you are travelling in India:

  1. When in India, bargain, bargain, bargain -


Whether we’d like to accept it to or not, most of us are inherently built to bargain. We’ve all seen our mothers haggle, and this isn’t too difficult to keep in mind.


  1. Book tickets and make reservations beforehand online -


At The Residency, you have the option of making your reservations directly through our website www.TheResidency.com.  Avail discounts of up to Rs.1000, redeemable with our hotel facilities, for every room night booked.  Please visit our website for more details.


  1. Have your luggage weighed in advance -


It is a pain in more ways than one to discover in the airport that your luggage is above the accepted limit. Weigh your luggage at home, and do the same when you’re travelling back as well. Most hotels have weighing machines at hand, so don’t be afraid to ask for one.


  1. Travel overnight when travelling within cities -


With travelling overnight, there are two advantages you get to buy some more time as well as cut down your cost on the stay. Plan your travel accordingly and save up!

  1. Take advantage of the mini bar instead of heading out for a drink -  


After sight-seeing the whole day, you’d want to relax with a stiff one. Instead of heading out again and wasting money on transport, take advantage of the mini-bar and indulge yourself, you’d definitely save money!

  1. Check out family offers and deals -


Check out the family offers and deals available on all places of sightseeing. Most theme parks and other wildlife sanctuaries offer a discount for families as well as young children.


  1. Use up your credit card points -


Travelling is probably the best time to take advantage of your frequent flyer miles that you’ve been storing up and utilize any special offers on food or others that your credit card has to offer. Call up your credit card company before bookings and ask them about the deals available.


  1. Travel off-season -


When you travel off-season, you can take advantage of everything from discounts on the travel mode bookings to hotel stays. Shopping will also work out cheaper, and the place you’re visiting would be much lesser crowded and peaceful.

  1. Go street-shopping, explore local food options -


If you want to shop, the best place to do it would be where the locals shop as well, so you don’t get fleeced. And there is no dearth of mouth-watering street food that you can try out in India. Also, for taking back souvenirs, the best place would be the government emporium. The goods here are tax-free and you would be helping local artisans as well


  1. Make mid-week trips -


During the weekends is when the cost of everything escalates automatically. Opt instead for a mid-week trip and you can use the weekend to get back into the groove of everyday life, two birds with one stone!


Keep in mind these tips and you’re sure to have a lovely vacation that is easy on your pocket too.

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