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16 Oct 2018

Spa Treatments - What is making them more popular than ever with the younger generation?


When you think of the word spa, you automatically end up conjuring images of long lazy days, filled with scented mud baths and peaceful meditation classes, specially prepared spa cuisine that is exotic, and the multitudes of fragrant oils. But is that all there is to it?



Let’s go back in time,  to the 19th and the early 20th century, when spas first came into existence. At that time, a spa meant a complete wellness resort, which was centred around mineral springs, more like an oasis, where any visitor could find a natural cure for their body aches and pains. From then to the now modern era, spas have evolved like never before. In this, a spa means a place to get beautiful nourishing massages, refreshing facials, rejuvenating body scrubs and so much more!

If you’re someone who likes to go to spas regularly,  or is just contemplating about going for a spa treatment for the first time, it's definitely worth getting some information beforehand so you can understand what kind of experience you're going to get.


Did you know?  According to a study conducted in 2017, there are now more than 120,000 spas located all around the world that generate more than a $100 billion in revenue. According to research by the First Research Inc, The United States is by far the largest spa market in the world, with 23,000 facilities and $17 billion generated in terms of revenue.

But the best part is, that the demand for spas is not only growing in the U.S. but also all around the world. Why is this, though?


The fact is, the more we earn, the more stress there is, and the constant demand for spa services is more or less directly connected to our personal income, and the hectic pace of our modern day to day living. With the corporate world becoming more and more competitive and stressful with time, spas are now becoming modern day “oases” where we can easily detach from the chaos of every daily life and also enjoy some quiet me-time, connect back with nature, and find a sense of the much-needed balance.

With the aim of delivering effective spa treatments to their visitors, the hotel industry too is now focusing a lot more on providing personalized spa services. Apart from personalized services,  from the basic facilities to luxury destinations, hotel spas also offer an effective antidote to the overwhelming pressure of modern life.


As the middle-class section of tourists in India expands by the day, and with the increase of urbanization, the much-needed demand for spas is rising. We at The Residency completely understand the need for the young traveller to also rejuvenate along with having fun while travelling, and that’s the reason we have the best spa services to cater to your specific needs.

Get pampered and rejuvenated at our exotic unisex wellness centre – Respa at The Residency Towers, Coimbatore. We welcome both genders and strive to help you achieve your wellness goals. In keeping with the central holistic principles of India, Respa recreates a place of harmony and aesthetics that is designed to restore the natural balance in your body.

At Respa, the Unisex Spa, we present a bouquet of wellness offerings with natural ingredients. From signature massages by our expert therapists that are designed to stimulate your senses, to couples massages that help you bring the spark back into your life, we are here to help you with everything holistic.

Every experience at Respa is designed to help you disengage from the day-to-day rigmarole and recharge your senses in a whole new way. Revitalize your mind, body and soul at Respa.  Be it a salon appointment, full body massage or a herbal body scrub our friendly associates will ensure that you indulge in the blissful feeling of wellness.

Explore our tariff card for more, and choose from any of our wide array of treatments.


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We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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