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05 Oct 2018

How are hotels contributing to the safekeeping of the environment?

When we think of travel or a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is the beauty that is going to surround us - cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains, gorgeous valleys, pristine beaches, breathtaking locales. But we often tend to forget the damage that we might be causing the environment because of our carbon footprints.




As people are becoming more and more aware of helping Mother Nature sustain her beauty, from every vertical we are seeing steps being taken for a greener future. In fact “Green Travel” or eco-friendly travel is a concept being embraced by everyone including the hotel industry.


But the good part is that this trend is not only limited to the travel and hotel industry, from switching their dietary preferences to their choice of travel,  the universe is coming together as one to make for a better tomorrow.


Ikea, the Swedish furniture supergiant, for example, sources as much as 50 per cent of its wood from sustainable foresters. Their cotton too is sourced only from farms that comply with the Better Cotton standards, which mandates the reduced use of energy, water, fertilizers and pesticides.  


As pioneers in the hospitality industry, the sustainability of our hotel industry is an issue we at The Residency Group have been paying close attention to and making greener choices. Here are some of the conscious efforts we have been taking for a greener planet.



Energy Conservation


From the central operations like boilers to our kitchen equipment and lighting systems, the vigilant staff at The Residency is always looking for ways to reduce the energy use, while constantly sustaining and aiming to enhance the guests’ experience.



Water Conservation


In all our guest rooms, kitchens, pools, spas and our laundry services, we are constantly trying to phase out the old methods and use lesser chemicals to treat water systems. Low flow shower heads, water systems that are constantly tweaked help The Residency in contributing to water conservation.


Recycling & Waste Reduction


At the Residency, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce paper and other disposable usages. We also implement food waste composting programs to help the environment in the long run.


Food Preparation


All our food is prepared from fresh, seasonal produce, reducing the number of preservatives used usually to store food. We also are constantly trying to innovate new culinary experiences for our travellers to experience a better connection to the locale they are staying in.


As Robert Swan said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” We think this is great advice and are taking all the possible steps to sustain green tourism. To experience hospitality at it’s finest, step into one of our unique hotels. For reservations and more information - please visit www.TheResidency.Com    

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