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04 Oct 2018

How hotels these days are making guests feel safer and more secure

There is always that high point in a child's life where they get to experience the one truly memorable experience that comes the closest to Disney World. Room service. The magical world where you can order anything you want and it appears at your door! The joy of having a plethora of scrumptious dishes at your beck and call (literally) for breakfast, all-day dining, and even late-night dining.


It's incredibly fulfilling for the soul to go on vacations with kids where the house rules go flying out of the window. Whether we'd like to admit it or not, hotels are an integral part of your vacation experience and no child should go without having a beautiful one.

But the world becoming a little more chaotic every day, safety is fast becoming a major concern, especially in a vulnerable industry like hospitality. Any stray incident could be permanently damaging for a hotel's reputation. This is the reason why more and more hotels, like us at The Residency these days have been taking additional steps to safeguard their guests. Let's take a look at some of them -

CCTV Cameras and security system updates:

We cannot deny the fact that CCTV cameras, at one point or another, do compromise a little on our privacy. But considering the situation of safety in this day, it does make sense for hotels to keep an eye out for anti-social elements, and this is best done by installing CCTV cameras in all public areas in the hotels. Not only do they help thwart crime, but they also help as evidence in case of a mishap.



Our door frame metal detectors at every entrance is a big deterrent to any potential threats. Apart from these, we have specialized state-of-the-art X-ray machines to check baggage for suspicious items.


Access cards that control the lift. extra steps at the gate, like mirrors that check the inside of all vehicles coming in and going out, these are some of the ways hotels like us are going the extra mile to make sure our guest's safety is never compromised.

Implementing a security training program for our staff:

We also think holding safety programmes for staff members would make it easier for them to spot suspicious behaviour and be on the vigil, at all times. By organizing regular meetings and training on current security methods, we are making it easier to detect a potential threat. All of our staff are also trained in the best practices to ensure the maximum safety for our esteemed guests. We also have floor patrol at all times to ensure the maximum security for our guests for all points in time.

Updating locks and other external features constantly:

At The Residency, we have regular audits performed to ensure that all our locks and keys are judiciously inspected and our security systems are constantly updated. This ensures that there are lesser chances of any mishaps. Our door frame metal detectors are regularly serviced and tested to ensure safety.

Security is truly a vital part of our hospitality industry but needs to be backed up by all the other factors that count to make a hotel great for its guests. One of the most well-known and safe hotels in Chennai, The Residency is a hotel brand providing genuinely warm, caring, consistent, safe and cultured hospitality for the evolving guest.

From the airport pick up to departure and every moment in between, we are proud to deliver an authentic hospitality experience. Our philosophy of hospitality with heart ensures that ‘tradition' meets ‘tomorrow' to deliver memorable experiences. All our staff is completely trained in looking after our guests' safety as well. The Residency is where you can experience South Indian hospitality at its best.

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