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04 Oct 2018

How can you turn your business trip into a bleisure trip - Business and Leisure

When you read the word business trip, the first images that come to your mind are of course business suits, ties and the never-ending meetings. But do you know you don’t have to be all work on a business trip? You can easily strike the perfect balance if you just make a couple of tweaks to your mindset, and of course your trip planning.



With more and more travellers going on business trips every year, your travel for work can be used to maximize your vacation time too, and you can have the best of both worlds. Read on to learn more about how to make personal time on business trips and striking that perfect balance like a true pro!



Go by the rules, but check up on benefits with your travel partners  -


While going by your company rules is key, remember to know your benefits like miles, business trip expense accounts, and what the limits are, and sign up for the loyalty and reward points airlines and most hotels these days offer. Be open with your colleagues and your boss about how you’d be spending your time, when not working on the trip, though, to avoid any hassles.

Pack comfortable clothes, but snazz up that wardrobe a little!

You can turn a business suit into a party blazer by changing your shirt to a more snazzier one and getting rid of the tie. If you’re a lady,  then there are myriad ensembles that can transition from morning wear to night wear with just adding on a scarf or a nice pair of earrings. Make sure you carry comfortable shoes, to explore the city you are in, by the night. 



Research, research and more research:


Go out on social media, read up reviews and places you’d like to visit - maybe inform friends in the city about your impending visit so you have company on the nights out and your days off work  Use travel info as conversation starters in your meetings, get to know the locals - this will give you information as well as helps you build rapport with your co-workers!


Work hard first, party later though -  


Always remember the primary reason why you’re travelling and finish up your responsibilities though. The key is to find balance and know how to effectively manage your time.



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