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04 Oct 2018

How do good uniforms help in boosting employee morale ?

For a majority of us, the whole idea of a uniform takes us back to our childhood, and high-school, where uniforms were the norm. But did you know that in general, and especially in the hospitality industry, staff uniforms actually play a very significant role in the organisation’s success?



Yes, in fact, research has shown that thoughtfully designed uniforms help quite a bit in influencing a visitor’ first impression. We have always been a culture that is based on first impressions and there is nothing that creates a good first impression like the staff dressed smartly and well-groomed, with a welcoming smile, to boot.


Imagine you walk into your bank tomorrow and you’re speaking to an employee dressed in jeans and sneakers. What would your first thought be? Would you want to continue your business with them? A smart uniform speaks a thousand words and reflects your company’s dedication.


Apart from the visual impact, a uniform can have, let’s take a look at some more benefits of having a smartly designed uniform for your employees -


  1. Uniforms help in boosting employee morale:


When your employees are given a uniform that is attractive, smart and comfortable at the same time, it truly reflects that you care about them, and their comfort at the workplace. Smart uniforms can boost an employee’s self-esteem, and morale and keep them motivated to keep achieving their goals.




  1. Uniforms help increase productivity:

Having your employees in smart uniforms can greatly increase the productivity in your workplace. Uniforms help in giving your employees a sense of belonging like nothing else can, which in turn leads to great productivity.

  1. Uniforms help in building team spirit -


When you have a uniform for your organization, it helps greatly in creating a team spirit and helps them work hand in hand towards the same end goal - customer delight. They also d don’t have to spend extra time planning their outfits every day - think Steve Jobs and his turtleneck sweater!



The Residency as a hotel brand takes great pride in providing genuinely warm, caring, cultured hospitality for the evolving guest. Our experienced and amicable staff are always present to make sure your holiday is the most memorable. Armed with a pleasant demeanour and a charming personality, each member of our staff enrich The Residency with their genuine enthusiasm.


And that is why we ensure that our staff is always impeccably dressed in their smartest - with classic colours of black and white, the uniforms at The Residency are designed to be comfortable, yet elegant.


For more information about  The Residency, and for bookings, please contact us at www.theresidency.com

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