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03 Oct 2018

Indo-Chinese Food - A culinary adventure that is sure to thrill your taste-buds

Lip-smacking Gobi Manchurian, fiery chilli chicken, yummy chow mein chow mein, crispy spring rolls, fried ice cream- we could go on and on, but your mouth has started watering already, hasn’t it? As you plan your next Chinese meal, here’s some food for thought, have you ever wondered if these yummilicious creations are Indian or Chinese?



In reality, this combination of flavours that can never go wrong, Indian Chinese or desi Chinese dates back to a couple of hundred years ago by a  small Chinese community which was from the Hakka region, eventually settled in Kolkata. And hence the name, ‘Hakka Noodles”. So what exactly does Indo-Chinese Cuisine mean? It is simply put, the amalgamation of Chinese cooking methodology with a uniquely spicy Indian palate.


The most common culinary styles that you will find in Indian Chinese cuisine includes has to include “Szechwan” a fiery red sauce that will leave your taste buds asking for more and “Manchurian”, which is basically a sweet, spicy and salty brown sauce, with pieces of ginger and garlic marinated that adds a unique flavour, be it to vegetables, or chicken.



I remember my first visit to a Chinese restaurant that had opened in our sleepy little town, and the crunchy spring rolls that we ate were probably the topic at the dinner table for a month! Did you know that the Chinese call them Chūn Juǎn, and they were dumplings meant to welcome spring, with the spring vegetables, leading to their name? But of course everything tastes better fried, and so these melt in your mouth rolls with julienned vegetables.





And there are some brilliant dishes for the sweet-toothed too - be it fresh fruit spring rolls, which are succulent right to the last bite or fried ice cream - you read that right, imagine deliciously soft ice cream - wrapped in wonton sheets, deep fried and topped its honey and chopped nuts. It is absolutely divine to your taste buds.


Contrary to popular belief, it is not Italian, but Chinese food that is actually the most popular foreign cuisine in India. It has far surpassed Italian or Thai and others by a big margin, and that’s the reason why we at the Residency believe in not only dedicating a section of the menu for our patrons to partake on this culinary adventure but a whole restaurant to be able to do justice to this unique flavour palate.


At Chin-Chin, our very popular award-winning speciality Chinese restaurant, we serve the best of Chinese delicacies, cooked to authentic perfection. And that is why Chin-Chin is known not just amidst our guests, but also amongst Chennai’s cuisine connoisseurs too.

So come, soak in the ambience of the visual delight, that is Chin-Chin, and get ready for the gastronomical adventure of a lifetime!

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