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03 Sep 2018

Chennai - the go-to destination for silk shopping and so much more!

Saree, the quintessential Indian garment, that every woman in India identifies womanhood with. When I think of the first silk saree I wore, it takes me back to the time I felt like an adult for the first time. There is something alluring about wearing a saree, that brings with it a sense of ethnicity and maturity that nothing else can.

Speaking of sarees, what better than a Kanjeevaram saree to highlight the everlasting beauty of these nine yards?

Home to the beautiful Kanjeevaram saree is Tamil Nadu. And in Tamil Nadu, Chennai is possibly the most travel-friendly place if you’re looking for some serious saree shopping.



Did you know to weave these everlasting beauties, at least two people are needed, along with at least three shuttles? Motifs like suns, moons, chariots, brides, peacocks - we could go on and on about the variations you could find woven into each masterpiece. The contrasting pallus and vibrant borders with gold thread woven are mesmerising to look at.

Chennai is a great place not only for Kanjivaram sarees but a wide array of other varieties from weavers based all over India. A shopping trip in Chennai gives away so much more than just shopping, it’s almost like you can feel you’re taking a small part of this historic city along with them to cherish forever.



The major hotspot, if you’re looking to buy Kanjivaram sarees in Chennai, is T. Nagar. With saree shops that are famous all over the world like Chennai Silks, Nalli, Kumaran Silks and others, you are sure to get a very good price for the shopping here, when you compare the rates with other cities.

The best part is that T.Nagar is host to a number of luxury hotels so you do not have to worry about a long drive back to your hotel after an exhausting shopping spree. The Residency Towers is located in the commercial heart of Chennai and is only about a 30 minutes drive from the Railway Station and 45 minutes from the Airport.

The Residency experience envelopes you in comfort that is inspired by the heritage of South India. Equipped with 174 well-appointed rooms, dining experiences and leisure facilities, The Residency Towers is how you can experience South Indian hospitality at its best.

So what are you still waiting for - start planning your next shopping destination and take home a piece of the historic city back with you!

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