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14 Jun 2018

What to keep in mind before booking your hotel for your family

If you’re planning a vacation with your family, you are sure to be tensed about everything that might not be under your control. Keep the following things in mind, especially when booking rooms online, and you’ll have a stress-free vacation.



Travel Desk : Does your hotel have a good travel desk? Inquire beforehand about the concierge services as well. When you know you have someone to answer your questions and assist you with any transport issues, you know you have one less thing to worry about.


Good reviews : What sets good hotels from great ones is the experience. And who better to rate that than guests who have stayed there before you. Pay attention to reviews. It’s not like you can test every hotel yourself. The closest thing are traveller ratings. Sites like Tripadvisor have enough reviews from travellers, so you get an idea of the hotel’s amenities, hospitality, and their trustworthiness. first. Check out the services that they offer. Make a list of extra services that you would want for your family. Ask if they have a family room available, first. Look at what amenities they have, like you would appreciate a mini swimming pool for kids. Match your needs with their offerings.

Accessibility of hotel from airport : You do not plan a as trip to sit inside a hotel room. Your room can be luxurious, yet it is a just a place for you to get back to, after a tiring day. You are on a trip to explore new places. Choosing a hotel that is near the airport saves you the transport cost, as well as stress about travel time. Suppose you’re in Chennai, it would make sense to book a hotel that is near the Chennai airport. If the hotel is close to the entertainment hubs as well, you can be stress-free while your kids have fun.

When you are young and single, you are all up for last minute plans. When you are travelling with family, make your vacation plans as stress free and foolproof as possible.

Also remember, while travelling with family is awesome, expect the unexpected. You do so much to plan for a perfect vacation, a little foresight can help you protect it and make it the perfect vacation!

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