Who doesn't love a Puducherry holiday? A long walk on the beach. The wandering around the streets. Sight-seeing. The list seems like never-ending. Wait, this is where we are bringing in the perfect stays and the moments of surprise around each corner. Soon. Very Soon.
Stay tuned. Soon you’ll be welcomed home. And you can see the city through the eyes of curated locals.
We all love the extras, right? Legendary suites, Spacious family rooms, a variety of modern amenities. All for an extra special holiday. Soon, these are all yours to enjoy just by staying here, no extra effort required.
Planning to visit the town where holidaying is always in season? Leave the work to us. Because you can get the ingredients from the stores, but it takes a chef to put an amazing meal together, and likewise, we take the elements of a great holiday and turn them into an unforgettable experience. Soon we will be able to advise, co-ordinate and tailor everything to your preferences through our network of specialists. Real soon.
We are garnishing Pavilion, The all-day dining restaurant. Be prepared to pull up a chair, tune into the invigorating setting and tuck into some tremendously tasty food. Real soon you will have a delicious dilemma on your hands.
The Bike & Barrel is all geared up to get your engine going. Once we kick start, you can dip yourself in, and have a pleasant tingle run up your soul. Soon the spirits will start flowing from good to great to unstoppable. Real soon.
We are almost there. Giving the final touches to the ambience where a gratifying sense of relaxation overcomes you before you notice. And you’ll feel as if you have melted away into the wind. Soon. Very soon.
It’s good to know there are a fully equipped health club moments from your room. So that you can throw your arms out, your cares to the wind and keep up with your exercise routine while travelling. Watch this energizing space. Soon it will be ready for you to run, lift and spin.
Soon it will be great to celebrate, anytime. Our events and culinary teams will join hands with you to turn the occasions into treasured memories. And they will ensure your meeting, event or conference runs like clockwork, in impeccable surroundings with the finest selection of food and refreshments.

260/1, Anna Salai, Puducherry 605 001

T +91 413 226 2222